Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.”

Romans 12:19

Our Story

Since our foundation in 2013, Christian Boxing Academy has worked to transform the lives of individuals in Southeast Missouri through Christ and boxing. Founded by Danny Rees, the mission sought to improve the lives of young adults (1st through 12th grade) living in southeast Missouri regardless of their background. The program has had 12 young men and young women graduate from high school since its inception. Over the past several years the organization has grown and pivoted which included moving to a new building, bringing in local community members, and starting a program for Parkinson’s disease patients. Today the academy hosts programs 5 days a week. Through all the changes, God’s grace, love, and holy spirit has remained ever present. Each day we are blessed and God’s work is evident in the participants who work to make their lives better. 


To create an environment where young men can

  • Learn work ethic through boxing
  • Are able to meet men of god and men form different economical, cultural, and racial backgrounds
  • Are able to learn skills and meet people that are able to help them reach their life’s goals 

And ultimately become respected members of society who understand that they can overcome any obstacles and diversities in their lives.


  • To instill in everyone God does not make JUNK. Provide an avenue to define what they are good at and then supply them with the tools necessary to make that grow.
  • To respect EVERYONE regardless of their economical, cultural, or racial background.
  • Create an environment that promotes hard work, mutual respect, and shows an individual they can overcome any physical, mental, educational obstacle in their life.

Danny Rees

Founder of Christian Boxing Academy

As the website creator and a good friend of Danny’s, I felt it would be better to hear about him through my words.

I meet Danny almost two years ago. At the time I was a medical student rotating in East Prairie, MO with an active interest in Parkinson’s disease. I heard Danny was interested in seeing if boxing would help Parkinson’s disease patients. Over these past two years, I have come to know Danny as one of the most genuine, kind, and god-loving humans.

The great tennis player and humanitarian Arthur Ashe once said “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” Danny embodies this quote. Anytime someone needs help, Danny is there. Whether it is providing a homeless individual $20 for food, providing a job for an individual, fixing a leak, building a house, being a person to vent too, Danny is there. He has never asked for anything in return.

God did not hand Danny an easy life. Growing up in Jackson, MO, Danny was dyslexic and struggled in school. It wasn’t until 9th grade that his teacher Ms. Proffer realized Danny’s potential and provided the necessary tools for him to learn. Though that was short lived. Because of circumstances, Danny was forced to leave high school and work as a plumber apprentice. It is here where he would learn his trade. He ended up working at Southeast Missouri University for over 30 years fixing everything from toilets to fire systems. He would continually better himself attending college courses, earning certifications, and more. Danny didn’t have much money, but he was able to make something of his life through grit, hard work, and determination.

After his retirement, Danny found his calling helping youth and others in southeast Missouri. He saw a bit of himself in many of these individuals; many whom were taken for granted and not given opportunity. He aimed to give them a better life. As such, he started Christian Boxing Academy. It served as a place where individuals could have an outlet for their frustration, provide young individuals mentors, and a positive environment. With the help of God and La Croix Church, Christian Boxing Academy was able to grow rapidly.

Through Christian Boxing Academy, Danny impacts hundreds of lives a week including young men, Parkinson’s disease patients, and the homeless.

Apart his work as a plumber and Christian Boxing Academy, Danny may be the “most interesting man in the world.” Everything he does is to the extreme. He has biked across the country of Vietnam, kayaked down the entire Missouri, Ohio, Mississippi, Yellowstone, and Appalachia river, swam across the Mississippi, finished triathlons, built houses from scratch, and much more.

Danny is a guy everyone should know and want to know. He embodies good. My life is forever changed after meeting him and I know he will change your life too.