About the Program

What do you need to know?

The Parkinson’s Disease Boxing Program (as part of Christian Boxing Academy) was founded in October of 2018. The program is designed to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease regain aspects of their life. This includes mobility, strength, balance, and much more. The program consists of boxing, strength and conditioning exercises, yoga, and much more. Led by Danny Rees and a group of volunteer, the program has slowly grown to over 30 participants who come from all areas of southeast Missouri.

Design of the Program

What does the program consist of?

  1. Non-contact, goal-oriented boxing program 
  2. Research component
  3. Referral network to University of Missouri Movement Disorder Specialists 


The non-contact, goal-oriented boxing program is led by a group of volunteers. The boxing program was designed to target the motor and non-motor constraints of Parkinson’s disease. Each exercise was chosen or designed for a specific purpose and is backed by literature. 

The second part of the program is research. In order to ensure that we are doing our job and making the participants better, we MAY track your progress. All of this is confidential. Additionally this allows us to apply for grants and funding opportunities to keep the program free. 

The third part of the program is allowing patients to see Movement Disorder Specialists (a specific type of neurologist) at the University of Missouri. We provide a series of steps in order for you to see the best specialist. This requires that you drive up to the University of Missouri. It costs the same as seeing any other doctor.

Vocal Component

Apart from the program’s physical aspects, Christian Boxing Academy has teamed up with Elite Dysphagia Diagnostic and Speech Services to help target the vocal and swallowing manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease. Local speech therapist, Laura Randenn, has volunteered her time and led numerous sessions for individuals with Parkinson’s disease at Christian Boxing Academy. We are immensely grateful for the insight she provides and for her work in helping individuals regain their lives. Join us at one of our classes to see how she can help you and check out her company.


What can you gain by attending this program?

Parkinson's Disease

Non-contact, goal-oriented boxing has been scientifically proven to decreased/diminish the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Some data even suggests that boxing may slow down or halt disease progression.

Overall Health

Our initial data shows that participants have tremendous increases in their overall health including strength, mobility, and functions. Participants walk with greater stride lengths, possess better balance, and freeze less. Participants have a dramatic increase in strength which ultimately leads to better balance.


Every participant who has joined our program has reported an increase in their quality of life. They are happier, smiling, and able to do more.


What are the program goals?

  1. Spread the message of Christ and doing good for the community
  2. Improve a participants overall daily function
  3. Create an environment of collaboration and normalize Parkinson’s disease


What are the expectations of a participant?

Our expectations of the participant are simple –

  1. You come ready to work and work when you are at the gym.
  2. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave trash or water bottles out.


What studies are currently being done?

We are currently running one study with 9 participants tracking their improvement of motor and non-motor symptoms. We expect run numerous studies and certain participants will be involved depending on selection criteria. 


What is the cost?

The program is currently free but we depend on private donations and grants to keep it running. It costs about $1,000/month to run the building. There is no income associated with the program. Ideally we would like to start paying some of our boxing trainers but we do not have the funds. Saying this, donations are appreciated and we may decide to do a small monthly fee. 


When are the classes?

Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9AM! 

Join the program

Simply come to one of our Parkinson’s disease boxing classes or send us an e-mail at [email protected] We look forward to having you!